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Carbonite Offer Code: How to Get Great Deals

Carbonite Offer Code Alternatives – Understanding Carbonite Online Storage Service

Carbonite is an online based business that offers backup services to individuals and businesses. The packages offered differ according to user needs. But the most sought-after package is the $59 per annum unlimited data storage. Having been incorporated in 2006 under the name Online PCBackup, the company has revolutionized cloud storage service.

Unlike its competitors, Carbonite offers a FREE TRIAL period devoid of providing your credit/debit card details. There is also unlimited data backup package for businesses that is offered at a paltry price of $229 per annum. The package also allows businesses to backup data from multiple PCs.carbonite offer code option in 2014

Tech support includes live online chat, email and phone call. In fact, there is no other cloud storage service that offers phone support. According to most Carbonite reviews published online, the online data storage service is popular amongst most users because it is reliable and dependable.

What Are the Latest Carbonite Promo Codes?

The core reason for opting for Carbonite over other cloud storage services is the availability of different promo codes on Still, it is possible to obtain Carbonite coupons by surfing through affiliate sites. The following is a list of coupon codes that you can redeem in order to get discounted prices when using Carbonite:

-        Should you redeem this coupon code, you can get up to 10 percent off your Home Backup Plan. However, you have to register for a 1 year plan in order to qualify for this promo code.

-        Redeeming this coupon code allows you to get up to 8 percent off your 2-year subscription. As a result, you will pay only $109.00.

-        Claiming this coupon allows you to get up to 15 percent discount on your Small Business Plan. However, you need to have subscribed for a 2-year plan.

-        Get up to 17 percent discount on your plan if you have subscribed to a 3-year plan by claiming this coupon code. This in turn translates to $149.00 for a period of three years.

-        Claiming this coupon allows small businesses to enjoy up to 30 days of free trial period. There are no credit/debit cards that are required.

Where Can You Get the Latest Carbonite Offer Code?

Getting the latest Carbonite offer codes is easy. All that is required of you is to surf the internet for the coupons. While they are available in most sites, they are not advertised using popular methods like social media sites. However, if you subscribe to, you will get the latest information on Carbonite codes in your email. Reading various Carbonite reviews published online will also allow you to find information on the Carbonite promo codes.

How to Utilize Carbonite Coupon Codes

The coupon codes are only accessible online. This is in addition to being used online. But before claiming a coupon code, take your time to check the sell-by date. Free trial coupon codes can only be redeemed at the official Carbonite website (i.e.